Welcome to Positive Pups

Welcome to Positive Pups - A unique & modern positive reinforcement dog training company based in Sneinton, Nottingham. Here at Positive Pups we have a variety of services which ensure we will meet yours and your dog's needs.

So why train with us?
  • Qualified and experienced staff - Positive Pups is ran by Heather Pyne who graduated from the academy of dog training and behaviour and training in 2015 before gaining a level 5 canine practitioner diploma (equivalent to a foundation degree) which she completed this year. Heather several years' experience in dog training.
  • Welfare friendly and scientifically supported training methods - All training methods used at Positive Pups are supported by scientific research and are welfare friendly as well as very effective.
  • Training tailored to your dogs' personality - We offer two different types of obedience course. Our cautious pups course is for puppies under 6 months and less confident dogs. Our confident pups course is suitable for cautious pups course graduates under 6 months and bouncing, confident and excitable dogs. This means if you have an anxious dog they won't be thrown into an environment that makes their anxiety worse unlike most mixed obedience classes and the confident dogs get the opportunity to learn in a play focused way that redirect and channel their energy into positive behaviours instead of trying to squash it.
  • Disability Friendly - All our classes are suitable for disabled dog owners including wheelchair users. Heather has extensive experience training dogs for owners with disabilities. Our junior handler class (although suitable for all children) is specifically tailored for children with disabilities especially autism and utilising their dog to provide them with support to help mitigate the impact of their disability.