Our Services

We have a selection of services to meet the needs of every dog and customer. For more information click on the links below. If you require any help selecting a suitable service please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Cautious Pups Obedience Course
Confident Pups Obedience Course
Our cautious pups intensive obedience course is a 4 week course perfect for all puppies under 6 months and dogs with less confidence. In this course we teach you and your dog all the basic dog training methods which will enable you to train your dog pretty much any behaviour you desire. We keep cautious pups class sizes small and relatively calm so it's perfect for dogs who struggle in busy classes.

Course Contents:
Week 1: Luring and oportant conditioning (inc. clicker and whistle recall)
Week 2: Shaping and capturing
Week 3: Confidence building and socialisation
Week 4: Problem solving & emergency behaviours
Our confident pups intensive obedience course is a 4 week course suitable for all cautious pups graduates under 6 months and generally confident, bouncy and excitable dogs. This course focuses on teaching impulse control, teaching the dog to focus on you and ignore their environment, recall and leash walking.

Course Contents:
Week 1: Impulse control and emergency behaviours
Week 2: Energy redirection and loose leash walking (teaching not to pull on the lead)
Week 3: Developing a bomb proof recall and managing prey drive
Week 4: Behaviour with other dogs and advanced obedience behaviours
Junior Handler Classes
Monthly Agility Sessions
Our junior handler classes are 30minute continuous classes which are suitable for all children but are specifically tailored to include children with disabilities including autism. Our junior handler classes teach children how to train, play, exercise and take responsibility for the family dog. We also include exercises which aim to mitigate the impact of disabilities of children in the group. Every class is tailored to the class participants needs.
Our monthly agility sessions are thirty minute sessions which give dogs and their owners an opportunity to exercise, improve their training and have a great laugh on our agility equipment. Each session will begin with a warm up then we will train on a specific piece of equipment before finishing with an agility course run each.